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The problem with staying safe

This is the last blog I will be writing in the UK for a while. We are ready to go in our van and leaving for France. Many people have sent us messages wishing us well and telling us to stay safe. Whilst I very much appreciate the sentiment of those kind messages the connotations of the phrase have changed. The idea of staying safe and what that currently entails, what liberties I would have to give up is not something I want right now for me or my family.

One of the reasons we are leaving the country (after selling everything and living in a motorhome touring around the UK for the last 7 weeks. ) is the obsession with safety that seems to have taken over common sense in our beloved country.

I am fascinated with definitions and etymology of words. The word safe in this context suggests that I can not be harmed or damaged and that if I keep at a safe distance this means I will avoid harm, or any unpleasant effects.

The current suppressing measures are causing harm however and definitely creating unpleasant effects for more than they are reducing them. These measure seem to be creating more fear and panic in the most normal of situations.

In our bid to stay safe we have allowed massive job losses, our laws to be changed at a drop of a hat and we seem to be heading towards economic uncertainty at a huge rate.

I question this desperation within us that want to stay safe. To pull the national duvet over our heads in the hope that everything will be ok whilst giving up our liberties and our rights and everything we have held dear as a nation.

We know that life holds risk it always has it always will we cannot eliminate risk . Our innate fears do not simply disappear no matter how much energy we put into feeling safe. We cannot stop fear it is needed, it is important. When we step out of fear and take a step into the unknown , when we take risks we grow, we learn and this is what we teach to our children. If we did not take risks we would do nothing we would never learn from our mistakes.

So despite the risks , despite the uncertainty , despite the weather, storms , wind and rain and other constant challenges we have been experiencing as a family since we began our journey we are ready. Ready to go and not live in fear but to experience to learn to live in every possible way.

I believe that life is such a gift and that everyday holds lesson for growth if we allow these in. I ask you what is this time teaching you?

It teaching me that everyday is precious that the things I thought were dead certs were illusions . That the more and more I release myself from the square box I created for myself the stronger and more capable I become. As beings we are capable of such incredible things when we put our heart and mind to it. Watching my son starting to realise this , moving into his potential and breaking down his own self limiting beliefs is one of the biggest gifts I could ask for.

And so it is time to say fair-well UK , we love you, we will miss you so much , you are in our hearts. We will stay grounded, we will stay embodied, we will Stay sovereign.

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