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Consultations with  Dr Baz

Dr Baz is a family physician with over twenty years experience in medicine.

From the beginning of his career, he has been interested in helping his patients defeat anxiety.

Along with his popular book  Anxiety for Men - Book 1 How to Stop Panic Attacks, a Doctors Practical Guide for Mastering Your Mental Health.   

Dr Baz has helped hundreds of people with anxiety and understands the common patterns that keep people in a state of suffering – and how to break the cycle.  

Dr Baz has created a program to help you recover, offering guidance and reassurance amidst the confusion that bad nerves create in the mind.

Whether anxiety is a new experience for you, or has been part of your life for some time, this is a starting point that will give you direction on how to escape. I will help you to reclaim your authority and reach a point where you are no longer be bullied by stress and worry.

As part of the three-session program:

We will explore how anxiety begins and how you get locked into a state of ‘bad nerves’

Baz will show you the common patterns that keep anxiety in a cycle and how this can be broken

He will give you a series of anxiety exercises that guide you toward good health

We will discuss the wide field of therapies and medications that are prescribed for mental health, where you are ‘at’ in your journey and possible next steps, if they are necessary

The price is £460  for 3 x 1 hour sessions.

These can be online or in person.

 To book a session or a FREE  15 minute enquiry session.

- Kind Words -

Barry is well-experienced about symptoms as well as the anatomical and clinical aspects. Understanding the mechanisms of the body is important in considering physical manifestations of stress, anxiety, worry or depression. 

| Lucy , UK |

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