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Anxiety For Men 

Book 1 

How to Stop Panic Attacks

 A Doctor's Practical Guide to Mastering Your Mental Health 

Does panic leave you feeling helpless?

Are you tired of living in fear of your next attack?

It doesn't have to be this way.

In 'How to stop Panic Attacks', Dr Baz draws on years of experience as a family physician to  offer you practical strategies and solutions to conquer anxiety and panic.

This book is ideal for panic suffers who feel stuck in a cycle of exhaustion, where sensations in the body strike without notice and worrisome thoughts have become repetitive and unpleasant.

Through advice, examples and exercises, this book will help men to understand their relationship with panic and how to build the foundation toward mastering their mental health. 

Its time to remove the weight of panic from your life.

Order your copy today.

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Our Story

Dr Baz qualified as a doctor in the UK in 2004 and qualified as a family physician master(general practitioner) in 2011. He has been interested in anxiety conditions for a long time and found that men were most interested in his approach to mental health mastery. Dr Baz's style is practical , pragmatic and direct. He understands that many men already have a complicated relationship with anxiety medicines and panic therapies before finding his work.

He hopes that you find insight and relief, whether it is your first attack or you have suffered for years.  

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