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About Hidden Gateway


Dr Baz is a Family Physician  (general practitioner)  (Bsc (Med Sci) MBChB

(Medicine)) from the United Kingdom. For the past twenty years he has been passionate about the anxiety condition, learning from the work of his patients and  the best ways of finding recovery. From his experience he has  written  his popular book  Anxiety for Men - Book 1 How to Stop Panic Attacks, a Doctors Practical Guide for Mastering Your Mental Health. Dr Baz offers  3x1 hour consultations that will help at all stages of stress, worry and anxiety, and is also designed to complement other treatments and therapies.

Sarah has been practicing yoga for over 16 years and is a Level 2 Forrest Yoga Teacher. Forrest Yoga is designed to help you release physical and emotional tensions of today’s busy lifestyle created by Ana Forrest. Sarah works with the key principles of Forrest yoga connecting to Breath, Integrity, Strength and Spirit. Sarah has created a five week signature programme called  Walking The Brave Hearted Path incorporating these 4 main  principles into the course.  She is the founder of Gentle Warrior Yoga in Lancaster. Prior to this she worked as a qualified nurse for 12 years for the NHS. 

Sarah is passionate  about working in small groups of people, creating intimate spaces that offer a safe and supportive environment for her students to delve deeper into themselves. Sarah believes in the importance of developing self-governance in order to connect to your own inner authority.

The Traill family made a big decision in the spring of 2020 - they sold their house, leaving everything, and went on an adventure of a lifetime living life on the road.  They  travelled around Europe with their son and pet cat, working and home-schooling from their motorhome, inspired by the people they met and places they visited. This journey became the inspiration for the creation of Hidden Gateway, as the Traill family began to find their own freedom in this new way of living, learning to be present, self-aware and resilient.


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